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AuDaScience BRAINs™ - Big-data Recommendations for Actionable Insights

Presenting the most powerful automated data science and machine learning business applications, on your big data architecture.

With a range of end-2-end applications for sales augmentation, customer retention, risk management, fraud prevention and Insiders threats detection, the AuDaScience applications utilize the Spark engine for extracting the precious, hidden value from your DWH & Big Data, using supervised & unsupervised modeling, without writing a single line of code.

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AuDaScience harnesses the power of Apache Spark and Cassandra to provide enterprises with the
next generation real-time automated machine learning-based business analytics applications
for customer-centric marketing , risk management and insider threats detection

NEW – G-STAT Real-Time BRAINs™

AuDaScience Real-Time BRAINs™ – For real-time marketing recommendations and real time credit scoring, based on digital data collected from digital assets

Real Time BRAINs collects data about customers’ digital journey on websites or applications in real-time, then automatically continuously builds and updates a comprehensive real time digital profile for each customer or browser. The digital profile, together with DWH data, enables real-time scoring of marketing models (developed automatically using Sales BRAINs) and credit scoring models (developed rapidly using Risk BRAINs) to increase sales, improve customer experience and streamline credit approval decisions.

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